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I’m A Highly Experienced Registered, Certified Financial Professional CFP ®, Ready to Develop and Execute Custom Strategies to Secure Your Financial well-being. As a Top-Rated Financial Advisor operating as a fiduciary, my goal is to look out for your best interest.

What I Do

Investment & Retirement Planning

Unique Insights and Analysis to Help You Navigate the World of Investment and Retirement Planning. Specializing in guaranteed retirement plans.

Personal CFO

You Deserve an Expert Wealth Management Advisor That Looks After Your Entire Financial Picture.

Debt Free Program

Become completely debt free (including paying off your mortgage) in under 10 years without spending any additional dollars. *

Insurance Services

A Comprehensive Evaluation of Your Health, Life, Medicare, LTC, And Other Insurance Needs.

What To Expect When Working with Me

Objective, Free Consultation

From day one, I provide the objective consultation clients deserve, and as a fiduciary, I operate with a legal obligation to put your interests first.

Close Connection with In-House Expert

I believe in a long-term working partnership. I like to get to know my clients on a personal level.

Full Spectrum Service

Based on your needs, I provide Investment & Retirement Planning, Tax & Estate Planning, Real Estate Advisory & Financing, Trustee Services, Insurance, and more to cover all aspects of your financial well-being

Financial Plan Tailored to Your Goals

Pursue a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life by aligning your wealth, passions, and purpose, leaving a family legacy.

Start a Conversation for a Free Consultation

An Introductory Call Is the First Step to Securing Your Future Financial Wellbeing. How Can I Reach You to Coordinate This Conversation?

Tax & Estate Planning

Proactive Tax & Estate Planning That’s Integrated with Your Broader Financial Plan.

Real Estate Advisory & Financing

Your Real Estate Portfolio Should Be Managed with The Same Expertise as Your Other Assets. From profitable location deals to the best available financing, you can count on me to build your real-estate empire.

Philanthropic Advisory

Expertise To Help You Shift Your Charitable Giving from Transactional to Transformational

Trustee Service

Expert Trustee Service in your Estate Planning

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Beyond The Numbers

Exclusive Content, Connections, and Communities to Help You Better Align Your Wealth, Passions, And Purpose.

Wealth Management & Financial Advisory

Whether you want to save for the future or celebrate today, give back to the community or explore the globe, your values are every bit as unique as your fingerprints. The challenge is aligning your time and resources to those values, so you can go after the things you genuinely care about.

For me, protecting and growing your wealth is a foundational part of that journey. But our goal is more significant than your financial peace of mind—it’s your happiness. I want to be the partner that helps you align your wealth, passions, and purpose so you can pursue the life that truly fulfills you—your more affluent life.

Plan now for your family’s future and your business’s success. Start a Conversation with me to see what a Personal CFO can do for you. I service clients locally in Denver & all Colorado markets.

“I know that if something happens to me, the work Ricky Rakib has done will make sure my family is taken care of. My wife and children would need to make just one call. So that gives us much comfort; and that’s not something that a Robo-advisor or big-name Wall Street firm can provide.”

Current Denver, CO Client

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Let’s Talk

Start a Conversation for a Free Consultation.

Whether you have a specific question or are interested in learning more about how my approach could be tailored to your situation, I would be happy to hear from you.

Please feel free to be in touch in whichever way works best for you.

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My Strategic Approach

I develop a personalized strategic plan just for you that considers how a decision in one area of your financial life impacts the bigger picture. That means you no longer need to herd a group of unrelated wealth, tax, and legal advisors whose interests may not always align with yours.

My investment philosophy is clearly defined and well-formulated.